Zac and Noelle
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Our Story...


In the fall of 2007, the University of Maryland had two new students in their graduate music school…
an oboist having just completed undergraduate studies at Ithaca College in upstate New York
and a bass trombonist working for the U.S. Naval Academy Band in Annapolis.
In the small community that is “graduate music students” Noelle and Zac became friends very quickly. 
They would see each other often - at school, in rehearsals, at parties after concerts, and even spent a day
together with friends on Zac’s boat touring the Chesapeake and having lunch on the Eastern Shore. 


The Christmas holiday came and went, and, excited to see each other again, they arranged to leave
vacation early to meet back in Maryland to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes bowl game together. 
(Both Buckeye fans, with Noelle having been raised in Columbus, and Zac's father having attended OSU,
it's been "G
o Bucks, Michigan Sucks"  for as long as they both can remember.)

Things began to become more serious on
a "tragic" day later that month, when Noelle’s oboe cracked!
(a major tragedy for a professional oboist)
Zac surprised her at school that day with a present... a peanut butter cookbook (her favorite)
and volunteered to drive her to the oboe repair-man (closest one being in Philadelphia) the next day…
She agreed, and the next day, on Super Bowl Sunday, they drove to Philadelphia to repair an oboe. 
That's right, Super Bowl Sunday.

After spending the whole day together, just the two of them, talking the entire drive,
having lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, and later attending a Super Bowl party back in Annapolis,
Noelle and Zac realized that their might be something special between them. 

A couple weeks later Noelle celebrated her birthday with a big party at her apartment
and they had their first kiss... the rest as they say, is history.